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About the Chumburung Language

Chumburung , also known as Kyongborong, Nchimburu, Nchumburu, Nchummuru, is a language of Ghana.

It has over 68,000 users in the Brong-Ahafo region: Sene district; Northern region: East Gonja district; Volta region: Krachi district; triangular area with Volta lake south, Daka river northwest, Yeji dialect is south of the lake.

Dialects include; Northern Chumburung (Banda), Southern Chumburung (Bejamse, Borae, Chinderi, Gurubi, Lonto), Yeji (Yedji). Reportedly somewhat intelligible with Krache [kye]. Lexical similarity: 77% with the Yeji dialect, 79% with Kplang [kph], 78% with Krache, 69% with Dwang [nnu], 67% with Nawuri [naw] and Gikyode [acd], 60% with Gonja [gjn

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